Catalina Julve (Manacor 1972) jumps in the net space by publishing her artwork in this portal, a selection of canvases that cover her artistic career from her beginnings up to the these days. It is presented in two formats, by exhibition, each reflecting a different period, and as a whole.

All her work holds something in common: she keeps a secret. We all suspect it. She tells us on every occasion. There is no hint though, no sign of a concealed message which she probably will never announce. Is she bluffing? Perhaps. I want to believe that she yearns for sharing her world through the window of art.

Her narration takes place behind a film, lost in the reverie of oneiric atmospheres. Figures wandering in silence glimpse the fragility of their creator. The background scenery evolves nowhere near the center, from stains of colour,- garish or pastel – over white to areas with no possibility of unresolved space, while human forms in the making appear here and there with no apparent mission. Scenes clouded by existential doubt, provide warmth, an invitation to investigate the story behind the veil.

But sometimes, blatant colouring disperses the fog of a misty mind and unfolds a dimension of optimism through the explosion of nature in the form of vivid animals in movement. It is the outburst of life It is a desperate craving for hope towards humankind. It’s the need to share the planet between us all in peace and without hastle.

The portrait as a leitmotiv is indeed the pattern that Julve has chosen to manifest her mastery. It is not only the balanced completion of backgrounds nor the countenance of their characters. It is her particular choice in the typology of the face. Something terribly appealing, not necessarily in the expression but in the being itself. The characters’ parade begins with faded foregrounds whose blurry waxed eyes bespeak a glint of existence, continues with sun-bathed youngsters in the remoteness of familiar landscapes, and finally displays a variety of souls whose body is a coloured shadow of the past

The uniqueness of this craftswoman of trace and colour consists of how she performs her perceptions, how she reflects her own fears and her necessity for life, for the joy of life. She brings to surface what takes place somewhere in herself through the glass onion, cogitating in a corner of the world where light, sea and land disclose an air of remoteness, a sense of truce after a long and winding journey since the expulsion from paradise. 

The world here is Quíbia, and the universe is Mallorca, embraced by the deep blue sea and the gentle sky.

Dive in and enjoy it!

Alberta Wilff